For a fresh take on pop-rock, look to the kittens who put the "cat" in catchy. Coming from a diverse collection of background experiences, the four members of SNAFU Kitties emerge together as a tight unit, creating curious and imaginative rock with a detailed pop coating. The classically inspired piano parts of lead kitten and songwriter Jessie England, flirt with snappy guitar elements, fat bass grooves, and danceable beats.

Jessie's vocal style fluctuates between fierce belting and soulful purring. Her compositions toe the line between soul and circus, ignited by the band, with boyish backing vocals sitting like a cherry on top.

SNAFU Kitties - From left: Thor Olsen, Mads Dyrholm, Jessie England


The story of SNAFU Kitties began like any other band, but developed into a love story, not for the cynical or faint of heart.

- In the beginning it was all fun and games but when Mads came along we started getting serious - in two ways, says Jessie.

Starting up in Austin, Texas

SNAFU Kitties originally came on the scene in 2007 in Austin, Texas. It was a side project for Jessie England, an in-demand performer in Austin who was constantly pulled in different directions by multiple projects. She devoted most of her time and energy to these other constellations, and her song ideas and compositions bubbled away on the back burner. When Jessie started SNAFU Kitties with three of her favorite friends and Austin musicians, she finally had a playground and testbed for her compositions.

Regrouping in New York

While on tour with the electronic band "The Simple Pleasure" in the summer of 2008, Jessie was introduced to Danish guitarist Mads Dyrholm in Brooklyn, New York. His computational music work was so inspiring to her that she visited him a week later to do a recording project. After Jessie returned to Texas they kept in touch and what began as a long distance friendship, evolved into something more. The physical distance between them grew extreme when Mads moved back to Copenhagen, Denmark in November 2008. They managed to meet every month for more than a year, a tremendous struggle with both money and jetlag. During that time Jessie began to seriously consider an international move and subsequent new constellation of SNAFU Kitties.

- That was a very rough year, visiting Jessie for ten days every month. It almost killed me, Mads says.

In the meantime, she went to the studio in Austin, Texas with the original lineup to record their debut album. It was released in December 2009. One week later, Jessie and Mads got married. In January 2010 Jessie moved to Copenhagen to create a new lineup and a new beginning for SNAFU Kitties.

Moving to Copenhagen

To fill out the new band in Copenhagen, Jessie and Mads recruited Copenhagen music scene veterans Andreas Staer (bass) and Anders Greis (drums). The new lineup began intensive work on a new SNAFU Kitties sound: tighter, hipper, and more urban. The foursome began testing the new sound at live shows in 2010.

In 2011 SNAFU Kitties recorded their second release "Break Yo Back", a four-song EP demonstrating the hip and mature state of the Copenhagen based band. In late 2011 SNAFU Kitties signed a contract with US based indie label High Sonic Records (press release).

New EP (2012)

The 2012 EP is titled "Break Yo' Back". The 10" vinyl front cover looks like this:

Cover of new EP
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The four tracks on the EP sound like this:

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Closeup of Jessie
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Radio/Media contact:
Rejean Germain, President High Sonic Records:

telephone: (+45) 61 33 13 57


Break Yo Back (EP - 2012 - iTunes)

SNAFU Kitties (LP - 2009/2010 -

Mail Anthem - (Single - 2008)


SNAFU Kitties on ReverbNation - link

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